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selling ac

hi, price will be around $200 because
1. anticheat is on steroids
2. don't want people to leak it.
(price depends on size of your community)

there will be no non-drm version

this doesn't mean it's a backdoor, I have no interest in your addons

banned a lot of people ask me about buying in this discord


what it detects


autofire autostrafe aimbot antiaim - including fake angles sequence freezing chatspam (come on man, don't chat spam :c) nospread movement fix backtrack fakelag pSilent (depends on the gamemode, kinda) cvar spoofing (who does this anymore wtf) bad c++ console commands (who does this anymore wtf) suspicious keybind presses (not a ban, that's stupid) + a lot more that I don't need to share or they'll get fixed


lua execution (most cases) engine prediction garbage detours c++ menus (most cases) anti screengrab skybox changers attempted anticheat bypasses (mac, cac, swift, etc.) ~50 self checks, adding more later ban evasion (9+ methods, at least 2 survive complete reinstalls) bad file stealers + a lot more that I don't need to share or they'll get fixed


autofire (better) bhop (client part is unneeded, but makes it better)

what else it has

awesome menu error logger many optimizations logs for cheater's files backdoor/exploit "patcher" - depends if I made a patch for it break cheat's rendering of stuff

colored server console media

good screengrab media media
funny ban thing

some funny stuff media exec hack discord detections channel "when you load to the map ur getting auto permabanned" media